April 2 - 5, 2020

Gostiny Dvor
Moscow, Ilyinka street 4

One of the best Moscow halls, Gostiny Dvor, invites authors from Russia and foreign countries to take part in Art-Salon "International Exhibition and Fair of Contemporary Art in Gostiny Dvor".

DATES: April 2-5, 2020;
EXPO HALL: Gostiny Dvor, Moscow, Ilyinka street 4.
WORKING HOURS: 11:00-20:00

Important feature
During the passage of the exhibition-fair "International Art-Salon in Gostiny Dvor", incredibly popular exhibitions will be held simultaneously and in the same exhibition space:

42nd annual specialized exhibition-fair "Real Estate from Leaders";
- All-Russian Exhibition of Traditional Arts "Contemporary Masters of Decorative and Applied Arts of Russia».

There will be a lot of visitors and participants!

The project presents works of fine art, decorative and applied, easel and photo-art - paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures, pastels, watercolors, textiles in modern directions - modern, traditional. All submitted works have an aesthetic value and the value of a perfect artistic sample! 

Real eternal art for investment!  
Real Art is a high artistic truth that reveals the essence and features of the surrounding world, a deep, universally significant, humanistic ideological and artistic content, clarity, elegance and perfection of artistic forms adequate to the ideological content. In a broad sense, art is the highest artistic achievements of the epochs of the rise of art and culture of different peoples, manifested in various, sometimes far from ancient, stylistic forms..

Forms of expositions presented at the exhibition:

1. Art-Solo (Personal stand) - The author is provided a stand / wall for the individual presentation of his work.;
2. Art-Team (Team stand) - The creative team, acting under a common name / brand, presents the authors of their community;
3. Art-Group (Collective Exhibition) - The author presents his works in a general, collective exhibition.;
4. Art-Book (Art-Book) - The author presents his works in absentia, in the form of photocopies, stitched into a general album A3 format;
5. Art-Booth (Display Stand) - the author or organization presents the works on a stand equipped with glass case, tables, walls.
6. Art-Floor (Open space) - the author presents his works in the space without walls and equipment, open to the viewer from all sides.

Details / Types of Exposure:


Personal stands of individual authors


Stands of creative teams, with a common name


Presentation of the authors at the general, collective stand


Presentation of the authors in printed art book


Presentation at stands with exhibition equipment


Presentation of art objects in open space

Photo and video shooting

You can take a picture of any art object, post it on the Internet with the hashtag #artsaloninfo

Unusual view of ordinary things.

The artist sees life not as an ordinary person sees it. And this vision is embodied in the amazing works of art that you want to see and purchase.

10000 sq. m.


Organizing Committee:

Коломийцев Сергей
Sergey Kolomiytsev
General director of 
the Creative Union of Arts and Crafts,
Academician of European Academy of Natural Sciences, 

General producer of
International Art Fair "Art Salon International"

Леонид Феодор
Leonid Fedorovich
Honored Artist of Russia,
President of Russian office of Eurasian Art Union,
Academician of International Academy of Culture and Arts 

Chairman of the Organizing Committee of
International Art Fair "Art Salon International"

Федор Фильков
Fedor Filkov
President of russian office of
World Fund of Arts
Academician of European Academy of Natural Sciences 

Co-Producer of the International Art Fair

"Art Salon International"