The works presented in the sections Art-Book (in absentia participation) and Art-Group (in person participation) participate in the competitive program in the nominations indicated below..

Authors and groups representing their works in other forms (Art-Solo, Art-Team, Art-Booth and Art-Floor), can also take part in the competition program, but this requires the desired works to be registered for the competition additionally (send a label and pay the registration fee)

Competition programs and nominations:

International Painting Competition
1. Oil and classic styles
2. Oil and avant-garde styles
3. Acrylic and classic styles
4. Acrylic and avant-garde styles
5. Pastel
6. Watercolor
7. Gouache
8. Digital painting
9. Collage and abstract styles
10. Photorealism
11. Contemporary Art and Concepts
International Graphics Competition
1. Traditional techniques (etching, aquatint, dry needle, cutting engraving, lithography, linocuts, xylography, mezzotint, etc.);
2. The latest author's print technology
3. Book graphics and illustrations

International Decorative and Applied Arts Competition
1. Lacquer miniature
2. Jewelry Art
3. Ceramics and porcelain
4. Religious art
5. Artistic metal processing
6. Stone cutting art
7. Modern enamel art
8. Mineralogy
9. Author dolls
10. Bone carving
11. Decorative painting
12. Mosaics and stained glass

International Competition of Art Textiles
1. Batik and painting
2. Lace and knitting
3. Wallow and weaving
4. Prints
5. Embroidery
6. Textile painting and panel

International Sculpture Competition
1. Round sculpture
2. Sculptural composition
3. Reliefs (bas-reliefs, high reliefs, counter-reliefs)
4. Installation

International Art Photography Competition
1. Art photography
2. Portrait
3. Concept
4. Natural science
5. Landscapes
6. Animal world
7. Architecture
8. Photojournalism and current problematics


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